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Bamboo Kauai|Bamboo Straw|Hawaii| Reusable| Eco friendly|Bamboo|

Bamboo Kaua'i Helping to Save the Earth

One Straw at A Time

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          ALOHA ISLAND 8 PACK                                VALENTINES DAY 2 PACK AND MORE                                ALOHA 2 PACK                                                  ALOHA 8 PACK



     BAMBOO KAUAI 2 PACK                                               PLAIN JANE 6 PACK                                       SUCK IT UP 6 PACK                                       PLAIN JANE 12 PACK                                       

1000 pack

Personalized Straws

Your Custom Bamboo Straws

Simply attach your logo or personalized message along with the font type to the contact form HERE.

If a purchase of 100 or more custom straws is made, a photo will be sent of your engraved design within 24 hours of your purchase.  To place an order of 100 custom straws or more, click HERE.

Contact our support team with further questions and concerns.

Aloha and Welcome to our Bamboo Ohana.

choose or create your custom straws


Customized Bamboo Kauai straws can be tailored to fit your needs and are a great addition to any event.  You can choose to engrave your personalized name, message or business logo.  We can also help you to create a specialized design just for your event.    

 Click here or on the the link below, attach your logo or slogan for a sample design on one of our reusable bamboo drinking straws. Yes! In *72 hours your can have a customized bamboo straw with your name and logo on it!   


Weddings, Parties, Holidays, Business Conferences etc


Your name , on your own set of Reusable Bamboo straws.



What about a personal message, Party gift , stocking stuffer.

As we all become increasingly more aware of our environment more couples, wedding, and event planners and are determined to plan celebrations with a more environmentally-friendly mindset.

Most are adopting eco-friendly ideas and principles in order to lessen their footprint by offer eco-friendly wedding solutions to make their occasions as sustainable as possible.

There are many ways that B Bamboo Kauai can help to make your big event more environmentally friendly. We can provide a number of alternatives, including beautifully engraved custom bamboo straws for weddings, zero waste bamboo cutlery sets, and authentic coconut bowls, as well as catering for large events and social occasions such as festivals, concerts, and corporate celebrations.

Saving the earth 1 straw at a time

Bamboo Kauai Straws are individually hand crafted in Hawaii with ALOHA  and harvested  at a small, family-run farm in rural Vietnam. Our reusable bamboo straws are an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to plastic, made without the need for any harmful pesticides or chemicals along with NO GMOs.

We are an independent Hawaii company,  Saving out planet 1 straw at a time to help end the single-use plastic for our environment. Our values in eco-sustainability ensure that our reusable bamboo straw sets are not only beautifully handmade, but are also ethically sourced. Each straw unique in its own variance of color, texture, thickness and diameter. Individually crafted by nature 

# x Bamboo Drinking Straws
1 x Personnel Carrying  Straw Sleeve  

1 x  Natural Cleaning Brush (no nylon)

• Length: 8" (20cm)
• Diameter: 0.3"-0.4" (8mm - 10mm)

 Our Bamboo Kauai straws made with 100% natural Bamboo stems. These reusable straws are BIODEGRADABLE, ECO FRIENDLY, 100% COMPOASTABLE, PESTICIDE FREE, FERTILIZER FREE and GMO FREE.

ECO-FRIENDLY STRAWS:This set of bamboo drinking straws is reusable, biodegradable, sustainable, durable, 
We include mixed sized natural straws in each set.

Individually crafted by nature - Colors may vary slightly

Thank You With Warmest ALOHA

Our B Bamboo straws come in a wide variety of set sizes, from a custom sets of 2 sets of 6 ,12 to our well-known Aloha and Aloha Island  set of 8 or in a pack of any number with assorted sizes .

We also offer Whole sale for businesses like Hotels, Cafés, Bars, Restaurants or food trucks and even Marketing Agencies, that are looking for a responsible and environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic straws to offer to their customers.

order form
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​How Do You Place An Order?​

Click here to go to our Buy B Bamboo section. 

Click on the Bamboo package that you like.

Input your information.

Make your payment.





Kauai sunset with ocean and palm trees

Bamboo Straws are completely biodegradable and Eco-friendly.

Made of organic and natural materials they are the best environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, steel, or glass straws.

Bamboo straws won’t rot or mold with simple care for them. There is No need for toxic polluting straws ever again.

Our Custom Bamboo Straws also come with an environmentally friendly coconut fiber brush, Just one step further as not to use a nylon brush for cleaning.

Switching to Bamboo is simple & fun

One of the simple things you can do to make your business more sustainable is to switch to reusable bamboo straws.

Our bamboo straws are perfectly suited for restaurants, cafes,

bars and special events such as weddings.

Our high-quality bamboo drinking straws can be reused hundreds of times. Bamboo straws are better for the environment than plastic straws.

With our customized straws, your clients can have a lasting memory they can take with them while doing their little part to help our environment and our Earth.

Bamboo Straws_Hawaii_Kauai Bamboo Straw_

500 Million

“There are nearly 500 million disposable plastic straws are discarded daily in the United States alone. That is enough straws to fill Yankee Stadium over 9 times a year.


8.3 Billion

it is estimated that as many as 8.3 BILLION plastic straws pollute the Worlds Beaches

Straw care basics

Cleaning your bamboo straw is simple and easy.

 All you need to do to clean your bamboo straw is:

– Hand-wash with lukewarm water and soap. every so often clean the inside using the cleaning brush provided just like you would care and clean your other utensils Simple..

–  You can put it in the dishwasher.

– You can disinfect after use: boil with vinegar a pinch of salt and water (ratio of 1 of vinegar to 20 of water) for 10 minutes.

Store your straws in a well-ventilated place, like Our natural pouch that came with your straws being breathable they are perfect.

Returns & Refunds


Our returns policy is simple and hassle-free.

We are confident that you will love shopping with us, but if for any reason you are not happy with what you have ordered please get in touch with us via our website and we will either replace and make Pono ( to make it right)      Or send it back to us for a full product refund.

Please make sure to return your order within 14-days of delivery.



Thank you for shopping with us!

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